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Active since 1999 as a distributor of medical supplies, Luxmedica is closely working with the main actors of the healthcare sector in Belgium and Luxembourg, from hospitals and clinics to laboratories, research centres, pharmacies and veterinary doctors.


Luxmedica provides a wide range of surgical, medical and paramedical products.
We offer our customers complete order traceability as well as customized packaging. Our multiple storage facilities enable us to provide a highly reactive delivery in Luxembourg, Belgium and beyond.

Luxmedica specializes in the following areas:

Surgical: we offer over 1 million different combinations of high quality surgical sutures and needles to surgeons, doctors and veterinary physicians for a full range of wound closure solutions.

Medical: we supply a complete assortment of medical disposables to hospitals, pharmacies and clinical, medical and industrial labs. Some of our key products include plastic disposable items for laboratories, gloves, blood and urine collection systems, safety containers and transfusion safety cards.

We put every effort in the search of the best solution to adequately meet our clients’ specific needs and adapt our sourcing, operations and delivery accordingly.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific request.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to make life easier for our clients and their patients by acting as a trustworthy partner in providing the best possible service, selection, quality and value at the best possible price.

We believe in trust and transparency towards our clients and expect the same from our suppliers.

We put the customer at the center and work closely together to provide timely, professional, efficient and ethical services. Through proximity with our clients we want to ensure that physicians never run out of supplies and patients are only treated with the highest quality, certified and tested products.


After more than 15 years of activity, Luxmedica has a new dynamic team. Our vision is to provide healthcare practitioners with high quality products in line with the latest advancements in the medical care and research. We work in full transparency, striving to shorten the supply chain in order to achieve the highest quality and cost efficiency.

Constantly listening to our clients, we are providing them with customized solutions in order to meet their evolving needs and support them during the whole lifecycle of their projects and activities.

While leveraging on the strengths of our broad network of suppliers, we are also continuously looking to expand it with new, upcoming and innovative partners.

Our Team

Uday Arora

Managing suppliers

Uday Arora is an IT Engineer and has done his MBA in International Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi. Before starting Evolux Enterprises, he has worked in international steel trading at Duferco SA, Switzerland. He is responsible for managing suppliers, logistics and transport.

Stéphanie Dheur

Lead Marketer

Stéphanie Dheur has done her first Masters in Business Engineering from the Louvain School of Management and her second Masters in International Management from CEMS. Additionally, she specialised in European legislations and economics through an additional degree, Masters on European Economy, from the College of Europe, Bruges. She is primarily responsible for meeting and managing the clients in Luxembourg and Belgium.

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